Vote No on SB 09

The Grand Bargain Tax Increase (SB09) is going to be called today on the Illinois Senate Floor. Home Builders opposes the 5% Excise Tax on Home Repair Work because it is Unfair, Complicated, and Narrow-Based. Send this message to your State Senator Now! Do Not Wait until Tomorrow!

I stand with the Home Builders Association of Illinois in Opposition to SB09 which initiates an Excise Tax on the Home Repair Business for the first time in Illinois.

Home Builders are prepared for broad-based forms of taxation to adequately address what really needs to be done to solve Illinois’ budget dilemma. But we cannot see the sense in this portion of the omnibus tax bill that is part of the Grand Bargain, SB09. Vote No on SB09 and throw out the Excise Tax on Home Repar and other small sectors of Illinois' economy.


It only takes a couple of minutes!