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HBAI welcomes DeKalb County Developers & Builders Association

DeKalb County Charter

Left to Right: HBAI President, Dean Graven; DeKalb E.O., Ken Andersen; HBAI Senior V.P., Allen Drewes; and, HBAI E.O, Bill Ward.

DeKalb Joins The Team

Illinois is one association stronger as we welcomed the DeKalb County Building and Development Association (DCBDA) into the NAHB federation on September 15, 2016. DeKalb brings our local association count to 15 and bucks a national trend of HBA associations that are merging or losing their charters.

HBAI and DCBDA first met in early January along with leadership from Northern Illinois HBA to discuss a merger between the two locals. DCBDA has over 50 members who work mostly in the municipalities within Dekalb County, located about 65 miles west of Chicago.

Ken Andersen, Executive Officer of DCBDA, stated that his members are interested in rolling back impact fees and other anti-development ordinances detrimental to affordable housing in DeKalb County. Joining the federation would provide better opportunitites at reaching the goals of their mission statement.

DeKalb will now have representation on the Boards at HBAI and at NAHB. Their charter creates a territory that is all of DeKalb and LaSalle Counties.

DeKalb’s admission into NAHB is a success story gained through a collaboration of local, state, and national associations. Northern Ill. HBA began talks with DeKalb in late 2015 which resulted in a meeting with the DeKalb Board, and with Northern and HBAI on the first Saturday in January, 2016. The board considered the options of merging with Northern or applying for their own charter at National.

Later in the year, the HBA of Greater Chicago met with DeKalb and HBAI to consider a merger with HBAGC. GC also played a key role in the process as its territory contained DeKalb County. While the DeKalb Board was impressed with the operations of both locals, the board voted to apply for its own charter at NAHB.

HBAGC’s Board graciously relinquished DeKalb from its territory allowing our Representative to NAHB, Mike Nagel, to move forward with the formation of DeKalb at National. Final acceptance of their charter took place at the NAHB Mid-Year meetings in Miami, Fla.

Illinois’ own Ed Brady, Chairman of the Board at NAHB, was proud to announce the new charter on the Board floor, and the charter was presented to DeKalb at their General Membership Meeting in DeKalb on September 15 by Senior Officers at HBAI.

DeKalb’s presence at the state and national levels will be a plus for all sides and we are all strengthened by their admission to the federation. We look forward to working with them as well as our other 14 local associations in the coming months on issues and programs that will improve our ability to provide the best housing in the world.