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2016 Election Results

                                                                               Illinois General Assembly by the Numbers

                                                                       Illinois State Senate – 59 Seats

Party                                                 November 7, 2016               November 9, 2016

Democrats                                                      39                                            37

Republicans                                                    20                                            22

Five Senators retired this year; three Democrats and two Republicans. Only one of these seats switched from Democrat to Republican:  retiring Democratic State Senator John Sullivan (47th District – Rushville) to Republican Jil Tracy (R-Quincy).

One Incumbent lost his seat on election night: Democratic State Senator Gary Forby (59th District – Benton) to Republican Candidate Dale Fowler (Harrisburg). +

                                     Illinois House of Representatives – 118 Seats

Party                                                         November 7, 2016                           November 9, 2016

Democrats                                                              71                                                           67

Republicans                                                            47                                                           51

10 Representatives retired this year; 5 Democrats and 5 Republicans. Only one of these seats switched from Democrat to Republican: retiring Democratic Representative Jack Franks (63rd District – Woodstock) to Republican Steve Reick (Woodstock).

5 Incumbents lost their seats on election night: 4 Democrats and 1 Republican.

  • Democrat Rep. Katherine Cloonen (79th District - Kankakee) to Republican Lindsay Parkhurst (Kankakee).
  • Democrat Rep. Andy Skoog (76th District – Peru) to Republican Jerry Long (Streator).
  • Democrat Rep. Mike Smiddy (71st – Hillsdale) to Republican Tony McCombie (Savanna).
  • Democrat Rep. John Bradley (117th – Marion) to Republican Dave Severin (Benton).
  • Republican Rep. Dwight Kay (112th – Edwardsville) to Democrat Katie Stuart (Edwardsville).

The 2016 election results were, at the very least, morale boosters for the Republicans in the Illinois House and Senate. Democrats in the House lost their Veto proof majority and the Senate needle moved back a little from a Veto proof majority of 39 to a Veto proof majority of 37.

Governor Bruce Rauner spent millions of dollars raising the voter identification level and vilification of Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan. Rauner then connected Democratic House members with Madigan and with our state’s horrid fiscal condition, a strategy tried many times but failing until now.