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March 2015

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  • SB1322 allows law enforcement to seize your vehicle if you are suspected of home repair fraud. We Oppose!
  • SB1815 regulates water/sewer tap on fees. We Support!
  • SB1433 places a $3 per sq. foot charge on Carpet for Carpet Stewardship. We Oppose!
  • HB3541 mandates Green Building Standards for all new construction. We Oppose!

In the coming days of the Illinois General Assembly, we will be asking legislators to side with us on these critical issues. Will you be heard? Will your Local Association be heard?


Hit the link above and sign up for VoterVoice, our internet link to the members of the Illinois General Assembly. Once you sign up, you will get VoterVoice Alerts that you will sign and it will send to your local Representative or Senator. It’s that simple. Do it Now!

Bill Ward

Executive Vice President

Home Builders Association of Illinois