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Housing Hall of Fame

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Liz Harrison (wife of the late Mark Harrrison), Doug Sutton, Lou Stephens, Ed Knight,

Bill Basic and Shawn Luesse


2014 Housing Hall of Fame Inductees

Housing Hall of Fame Members are those individuals who have come before us and fought the opposing forces to maintain and preserve our Home Building Industry

  • Who Battled the Legislature in Former times?
  • Who carried the torch for affordable housing 25 years ago?
  • Who brought new and innovative building techniques to our Attention?      
  • Whose were the voices that spoke with the passion, persistence and the tenacity to fight the opposing forces to preserve our future and defend us from the nay sayers?

We cannot allow the names of these special individuals to fade from memory, nor can we ever forget the contributions they have made to our industry.

The contributions these people made have affected HBAI and all its members

These contributions have and affect the daily lives of Bulders, Remodelers, Bankers, Lumber Dealers and all the other trades people involved in our Home Building Industry

But most importantly their contributions have affected and touched the lives of countless home owners in this state.

They build affordable shelter for our citizens as well as castles for the wealthy

It is time we and everyone else in our business express our gratitude and thanks for the outstanding contributions to our industry these men have made for all of us.

I would like to thank the members who served on the class of 2014 Hall of Fame committee.

Selecting the individuals to award this honor has not been an easy task.  To be inducted into the HBAI Hall of Fame is the highest honor the State Association can bestow upon these special individuals.


The 2014 Housing Hall of Fame Inductees are:






Previous Inductees Are:


Robert Arquilla

Richard Brown   (deceased)

Michael Hyrn   (deceased)

Lynn Krause

Jack Lageschulte

Terry Paul (decieased)


Chester Moskal


Mark Fulford

Larry Kinsella

Louis G. Stephens